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About Ascaso Indonesia

Quality is the Heart of the ASCASO Espresso Coffee Machine philosophy.

At the Ascaso Factory quality is our obsession! Quality is assured thanks to our internal quality control system consisting of over 25 points of inspection of our espresso coffee machine, carried out by specialists at our factory in Barcelona. Each and every coffee machine we make undergoes a one-by-one test. One by one.

The lab subjects our espresso coffee machines to extreme life testing: making thousands and thousands of coffees, one after the other. Night and day. On full flow. We are determined to test the durability of our machines to the limit. And improve it!

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    Jl. Danau Sunter Utara Kav. 60
    Rukan Sunter Terrace Blok C22

  • Open Hour

    9 AM / 20 PM

  • Phone

    (+62)21 2946-1539

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