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Ascaso Coffee Grinder i1 – Shine

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54mm Cones Burrs, 700 RPM, 600 gram Hopper, 100% Aluminium Housing

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 16.2 × 40.7 × 26.6 cm

Polished Shine



Professional, sturdy and effective

High Quality Materials & Components

Aluminium body with components of the highest quality. Selected by professionals as ‘decaffeinated coffee grinder’ for its qualities, size and value-for-money. Also available as a dispenser version.

In addition to the 3 colours, there is our mirror-polish finish, featuring an artisan-mechanical process that gives its own character to each piece.

Chrome-plated Zamak Spout

We have redesigned this element across our whole range of coffee grinders. A high-quality piece on both a mechanical and aesthetic level. Guarantees a perfect fall into the centre of the filter holder with a professional and attractive finish.

Professional Milling

All i·mini models use the I-1 or I-2 grinding group

In both models, the milling equipment is made from special tempered steel. This is the same steel as used in professional high-performance coffee grinders. Service life: 600 kg

I-1 model

Here the group is made from brass while the milling wheels are steel (54-mm diameter).

I-2 model

The grinding group is made from plastic while the grinding cones are steel.

Professional Grinding Groups

Both the I-1 and I-2 model milling groups guarantee professional grinding for espressos.

The I-1 model offers a faster grinding speed (250-W motor) and quieter running then the I-2 (175-W motor).

Micrometric Adjustment

The micrometric adjustment system allows maximum grind adjustment. Guarantees perfect adaptation to any kind of coffee or espresso machine.
High-quality grind in a smaller format.

Adjustment Limit

The grinder features a limit system for espressos, with adjustment help for the user. In just a few seconds, the perfect grind point can be found.

Coffee Grinding Adjustment

Enables viewing of the grind selected in all models. Made from stainless steel and laser-etched.

Electronic Timer

Both the I-1 and I-2 allow for an optional electronic timer to be added. This means the desired amount can be supplied by activating a timer switch.
This makes it even easier to use the grinder and guarantee the exact amount of coffee.

600 gram Hopper

Hopper made from special hard-wearing plastic. Transparent, with fitted cover. (Optional 250 gram hopper.)
Programmability -
Auto Shut-Off -
Auto On -
Pre-Infusion -
Watts 250W
Volts 120V
Weight & Size
Width 162mm
Depth 407mm
Height 266mm
Weight 4kg
Case Material Aluminium
Boiler Material -
Additional Specifications
Cup Clearance -
Reservoir Size -
Solenoid Valve -
Cup Warmer -
Portafilter Size -
Available Portafilters -
Warm-up : Brew Time -
Boiler Design -
Pod Friendly -
Water Sources -

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